About Us

The success of JEWEL FARMER gave us the confidence to create our dream banner under which we could introduce the new generations to the taste and legacy of true Indian confectionery, digestives & mouth-fresheners, and bring back memories of the olds to cherish.

The curious child in us keeps us hungry to explore the forgotten traditional confectionary that can be enjoyed by generations to come…

The Forgotten Indian Confectionery……..EVOLVED !!!

Dreams Turn Real

It took years of dedication to create mouth-watering confectionery delicacies. The expert supervision of our chefs allowed us to play around with the finest flavours and create exotic recipes, right through to our rigid food safety standards. It took us hundreds of samples before we could zero-in on our first few products. And in 2020, PaanSmith was born. The name is inspired by local Panvaadis (Paan Sellers) which since decades and centuries have played a pleasant role in helping our daily meals end on a sweet note

What's Special?

  • Top Quality Products

    We use high-quality ingredients in our products so that our customers get the best product possible and remember how nice it is.

  • Taking a fresh look!

    The curious child in us keeps us wanting to learn more about the lost classic confections that will be enjoyed by future generations.

  • Quality Certified

    Before passing through the production and packaging steps, each product is thoroughly inspected for food safety. After that, each PaanSmith bundle is subjected to a series of quality inspections to ensure that only the best reaches our clients.

  • Available on Top Platforms

    We are available on different platforms.